We take your safety and well-being very seriously.
This is why it is very important for you to fill out all fields here before you depart for our tour and send it back to us electronically with the SEND button at the bottom of this form.
Please be thorough in ensuring you have good and complete Travel Cover incase of an overseas emergency and that we can contact everyone if necessary whilst we are overseas on tour.
Hotels also require much of this information upon check-in so we have asked you to supply it to speed check-in times on tour too.

This form will be stored for use in hotel check-ins and as a reference in the unlikely event of an emergency when you are travelling where we may need to contact your insurance company or your next of kin.

My Name

My Email

My Address, State, Zip Code and Country

My mobile phone number but please do not use a + before the number

My Next of Kin Name

Next of Kin email

Next of Kin contact number with country code but please do not use a + before the number

My Travel Insurance Company Name
NB if using your credit card as your travel insurer then please call them to ensure you are properly covered for any event and please name the underwriting insurer here too

My Travel Insurance Policy Number
NB this applies to all policies including Travel Insurance with your credit card.

In the event of an emergency we must have on file your Travel Insurance Company's International Emergency Contact Number
Please ensure this is correct and please do not use a + before the international code number

Please scan or take a photo of your passport with the number and date of expiry showing and attach it here