Stay in the LoopFrench Fusion Travel specialises in organising, hosting and tailoring small group tours for clients with their own clientele or friends to many destinations worldwide. Director Kate Stedman is Australian, an historian, speaks Italian and French fluently and is passionate about travel and has been guiding clients on specialist small group tours overseas since 2002.


Finally a Travel Sketching Tour company that understands how these tours must work.

Small group fully escorted tours with your Historian & Tour Manager as well as your Renowned art instructor on our Sketching Tours.
Our tours are carefully designed to be of interest to all tastes, with great cuisine, historical and cultural sites as well as providing spectacular sketching opportunities. The guest sketcher on each tour is carefully selected, is exceptional in their field and globally renowned. So by popular demand our tours fill quickly usually.

Your Tour Manager understands Sketcher's needs and will entertain you with historical gems and facts to embellish your journals each day!
And when we select places that are popular for artists (eg Venice) we know secret spots away from crowds to sketch peacefully with our group.

Travel-Sketching-ToursOur holidays will take you to regions you might not have already experienced or yet ventured to and they are designed always with your comfort and your safety in mind.
Partners and non-sketchers are welcome too as there is always great camaraderie within our groups and lots of interest in what the sketchers produce each day. There are always lots of other opportunities for cooking classes, walking, photography or just relaxation for non-sketchers.
Many of our tours have many gents as well as ladies sketching on them.


Absolutely not. You will be there for the pure love of learning and sharing with a group of like-minded people and we all learn and create at our own pace. You can be a pure beginner and feel just as pleased with your output and learning as everyone else. We will be there to teach, inspire and encourage you each day no matter what your skill and experience level. Our equipment is portable, watercolor based with some mixed media and designed to be quick, simple travel journal-style sketching to enhance your holiday. 

Kate Stedman - Director French Fusion Travel.

Having always had a love of languages and history and being a historian and tour guide for many years I have been hosting a variety of different tours around the globe for almost 20 years and speak French fluently as well as Italian. Originally a languages and history teacher, I have taught art classes at home and on tour for many years.

I specialise in coordinating Travel Sketching Holidays which we host throughout the year in different locations around the world for the growing number of people who enjoy combining creativity with travel and relaxation. As an avid sketcher myself I thoroughly enjoy meeting fellow enthusiasts and sketchers on these fun creative experiences with renowned international artists and Urban Sketching tutors.

As the Tour Manager I ensure that everyone feels included in the group and that the tour runs smoothly with lots of fun, laughter, learning and creativity.

These wonderful Tours keep me busy and away from home quite a bit as do the other historic and cultural tours I organise for other companies and clients each year.

My art is rather eclectic. I love Travel Journalling incorporating text, stories, collage, recipes, food sketches and watercolour paintings in my journals whilst on tour and I love showing people how to make a sketchbook journal look fabulous and be a thing to keep and treasure always. See a small range of my art below.

Kate Stedman art sketching tours