Kate Stedman

Director French Fusion Travel.

Having always had a love of languages and history and being a historian and tour guide for many years I have been hosting a variety of different tours around the globe for almost 20 years and speak French fluently as well as Italian.

I specialise in coordinating Travel Sketching Holidays which we host throughout the year in different locations around the world for the growing number of people who enjoy combining creativity with travel and relaxation. As an avid sketcher myself I thoroughly enjoy meeting fellow enthusiasts and sketchers on these fun creative experiences with renowned international artists and Urban Sketching tutors.

As the Tour Manager I ensure that everyone feels included in the group and that the tour runs smoothly with lots of fun, laughter, learning and creativity.

These wonderful Tours keep me busy and away from home quite a bit as do the other historic and cultural tours I organise for other companies and clients each year.

If you are interested in joining one of the many tours we organise or would like to have a professional expert host or coordinate your next group holiday overseas with your own clients or friends please contact Kate on kate@frenchfusion.com.au for a consultation.