We’ve designed the ErinHill Studio Sketch Kit to be extremely portable and it contains our own palette of colours which work well with our unique way of sketching.

PLEASE BUY EXACTLY WHAT IS LISTED BELOW  otherwise time and again new sketchers bring different along stuff they have been given which is not what we use and they are ALWAYS disappointed with the results.


We use black permanent pens to give a good clean line. To apply colour we use our customised Cotman’s Watercolour Plus set or the Club Noris watercolour pencils. When sketching, we use whichever medium is most convenient at the time.

Cotman’s Pocket Plus Watercolour Set (We take out 4 colours, viridian, cadmium yellow, white and alizarin) and you will need to purchase 4 extra pocket paint squares highlighted below –  to have those shown below, in this order

  1. Pale yellow hue
  2. Yellow ochre
  3. Cadmium red hue
  4. Permanent rose
  5. Burnt sienna
  6. Burnt umber
  7. Hookers green dark
  8. Sap green
  9. Cerulean
  10. Ultramarine
  11. Cobalt
  12. Purple Lake

White Chinagraph pencil

A5 sized ringbound 110gsm Sketchbook (about $4 AUD each. Buy 2 as you get through them on tour!)

Set of black waterproof drawing pens. (eg Staedtler has packs. You will mainly use size .1 – .5  size pens. Buy a few as you run through them on tour.

Set of 12 Watercolour Pencils (Staedtler NORIS CLUB)

Pencil Sharpener

Waterbrush pen

White gel pen: best is called a POSCA PEN. Can get from newsagencies.

(Please bring a small water pot like the EXTRA chewing gum pot shown below, with an attached lid. (empty the contents first) for when we use watercolours, and a small pack of tissues).


Optional extra:   Rosemary & Co traveling 1/4″ Dagger paint brush. (order online from Larry Post in Sydney )  http://www.larrypost.com.au/rosemary-and-co-watercolour-travel-brushes-top-6-picks.html) order the $28.95 ROSEMARY & CO Reversible Pocket Brush – R12 – Sable/Nylon – Dagger 1/4″ (7.3 x 18.9mm)