French Fusion Travel is the travel agent and tour operator for the Erin Hill Sketch School based in Sydney but with worldwide schools.
French Fusion Travel’s director Kate Stedman, works closely with Erin in planning and organising the Sketch Holidays each year and Kate is a certified Erin Hill Sketch Tutor too.

Erin Hill is a renowned artist with her own gallery and a range of exceptional tutors trained in the Erin Hill Sketch System. See her story here.

No experience nor any skill is required to come on our holidays. If you have never picked up a pencil or pen in your life to draw and cannot even manage a straight line then you will LOVE our Sketch Holidays. They change peoples’ lives. It is all about seeing. Erin teaches you how. If you are an existing sketcher then you will love the opportunity to explore new techniques and learn new skills.
Whatever your experience or skill level we all get the same pleasure and joy from each day on holiday together working at our own pace.